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Hot Mama Marian!

Advice to Mom "Kung sinong magagalit or magsasabi sa bata [pag may ginawa siya], dapat kampi kami palagi ni Dong. Kailangan team kaming dalawa. Hindi pwedeng yung isang parent [pinagsasabihan yung bata], habang yung isa inaalo yung bata. Eh di walang natutunan yung bata? So pag si Mommy pinagsabihan yung anak, si Daddy,[dapat sabihin sa bata] 'Makinig ka kay Mommy." ... Read more

Missing you, 'Tay...

Heartfelt messages for fathers, remembered with love and yearning, on the special occasion of Fathers Day... Read more

Can Singapore cope without domestic helpers?

Yes, if dads take on more of what used to be mom's chores...... Read more

What if your husband is cheating on you... with another man?

MANILA, Philippines-IN My Husband's Lover, Lally was fighting to give her two children a "complete family" but how exactly should she have done it? Vincent wanted to finally be true to himself and to the world, but where would that have left his wife and kids? Eric deserved to be with his beloved - but didn't Vincent's family deserve the same?... Read more

THE LOVE GURU: Will a long distance relationship work for you?

RELATIONSHIPS are challenging enough. Long distance ones, even more so. Though statistics for long distance relationship (LDR) success don't look too promising, there are actually three factors that'll help you ascertain whether your relationship can and will survive with hundreds of miles between you two, time differences and possible miscommunication along the way.... Read more


HERE comes the most wonderful time of the year For Filipinos, Christmas is a special celebration symbolic of family togetherness. For the lucky ones, Christmas in Singapore is spent with family members who fly from different parts of the world just to celebrate this occasion with them. For me, Christmas moments are always spent with family private celebrations blocked off from my concert, shows and hosting projects. In Singapore, I, my hubby, Cliff, and our helper, Jen (who has been with me for ... Read more