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Day 1 Mary most PURE

Those with a pure heart will see God. We must follow the example of Mary, who opened herself to God. She accepted everything God gave her, even standing at the foot of the cross where her dead son, Jesus, hung.


Day 2 Mary most PRUDENT

Mary told the angel who visited her to let it be done to her according to His word. She told the servants to follow what Jesus instructed them to do. She remained with the disciples until Pentecost. All her decisions were taken according to God’s will and ways. Photo credit - The Nativity Story

Day 3 Mary most HUMBLE

Her “Magnificat” is the most beautiful prayer that the Church prays every day. The song describes her life, a life totally dedicated to God. In turn, God blessed her beyond all human comprehension by way of the Assumption.

Day 4 Mary most FAITHFUL

Her “Yes” to God was perfect from beginning toend. The humble Birth, the Flight into Egypt, the 30 years of Jesus’s hidden life, her Son’s public life,the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection — these are all living testimonies of her faithfulness to God.

Day 5 Mary most DEVOUT

If Jesus was constantly in prayer, Mary was no less so. Her soul constantly magnifies the Lord. She visited Elizabeth to share her joys of finally having a son. She was with the disciples waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Day 6 Mary most OBEDIENT

Mary followed all the Jewish traditions such as the Presentation, the naming of Jesus, and the hidden life of Nazareth. God’s plan was followed to the letter. Her obedience to Him is like her Son’s, who was obedient till death, when He died on the cross. Both Mother and Son were exalted by God.




The vulnerable, the marginalised, and socio-economically oppressed, those of lowly status without earthly power. These people are God’s favourite.

Day 7 Mary of the POOR

She is the real anawim whose life was completely dedicated to God. The anawim of the Old Testament were the poor of every sort: the vulnerable, the marginalised, and socio-economically oppressed,those of lowly status without earthly power. They depended totally on God for whatever they owned.God was the provider, protector and source of Mary’s dedication and meaning in life. These people are God’s favourite.

Day 8 Mary most PATIENT

A saying goes that blessed are those who watch and wait. This is the life of Mary. She was constantly waiting for God’s plan and will. When it finally came through the Angel, Mary gladly said “yes” and her life was irrevocably changed, according to God’s plan.

In this Year of Mercy, we celebrate God’s mercy for Mary, for each and every one of us, for the Church and thewhole world.


Day 9 Mary most MERCIFUL

In this Year of Mercy, we celebrate God’s mercy for Mary, for each and every one of us, for the Church and the whole world. Like of old, man constantly runs away and forgets God.But God never fails to sendmessengers that he is looking after us. Like a good Father, he always waits for the repentant sinner willing to reconcile with him.

A new beginning is always offered. All together, let us respond to this call of love.

Father Angel, a chaplain for Filipino migrants, provides advice for members of the community through this column.Fr. Angel's parish is Church of St. Michael, 17 Saint Michael's Rd, Singapore 327976.

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