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Missing you, 'Tay...

“Thank you for the unforgettable LOVE, Papa… for your support and being the best provider for us all. In the U.S. you cooked the signature Diaz/Imperial delights for us. Now Kuya does it. You will always be in my heart. Have your favourite scotch while singing Usahay!”

- Kultura Performing Arts director CELIA DIAZ DEFATO’s message to her departed father, Emmanuel Diaz

“Growing up, my Dad needed to work overseas but that did not affect our bond. The simple things we used to do together make me miss him the most – listening to music and singing songs were our best bonding moments! He's the best and I'll forever be his little girl.”

- MARNELLI COSINAS, a talent acquisition consultant in Australia, on her father, Alfredo Usapdin, who passed away in 2007.

“The best memories about him: when he was very strict with me na hindi ako pwedeng lumabas na hindi ko kasama mga kapatid kung lalaki. Some of the best memories of him: I remember being so happy that we were all together when I went back home after 9 years na nahiwalay ako sa kanila dahil pinakita ko sa kanya na kaya ko mag-isa.”

- JOVY POLIDO, an FDW in Singapore, on her father, Dominador, who met a motorbike accident last year.



Poem by Sienna Lazaro-Arenas

lovingly dedicated to her beloved father, Norberto Lazaro


3rd of January 2008

How could I ever forget that date?

My first to present you, to the world,

as my Father

As you walked me down the aisle to Forever.

I will always be grateful to God our Maker

For granting my wish that I will always remember.

That lovely, special moment was hugely important to me.

The last time that I saw your face smiling sweetly.