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Hey dad, she's mine, all mine...

Life has taken an idyllic turn for Lynn. Dr Simon Lien is madly in love with her. And he knows just how to win Lynn’s heart – with his gentlemanly behaviour and kind ways. She is swept over by his ability to indulge her taste for fine dining, expensive gifts and a luxurious lifestyle. But Simon’s father, a banker and a widower, comes into the picture and shows more than a passing interest in her…

UPON A whim, Lynn decided that she would swim in the nude. Perhaps, it was the quiet solitude of the pool, its surface rippling with the soft light of the setting sun filtering through the tall shrubbery. The birds chirped in concert as they sought their cosy roosts for the night. The coconut trees swayed gently in the evening breeze. Lynn felt a strong communion with nature. The privacy of the Lien resort, secluded on an island off the east coast of Malaysia, stirred her primeval instincts.

She shrugged out of the bikini top and tossed it to the side of the pool. The bottom followed. She continued swimming. She felt an exuberance she had never experienced before, the water moving silkily over the luscious curves of her body.

Lynn had slipped quite happily into a life of luxurious ease since she and Simon became lovers. It was a transition that took her by surprise.

One day they were friends, the next they enjoyed a familiarity as if they had known each other all their lives. Perhaps, it was the similarity in their outlook on life.

Lynn loved the good life, fine dining, smart clothes, expensive watches and luxury spa treatments. Sure, she worked hard, but she was not one to save for a rainy day. Simon, born into the lap of luxury, had no need to save. His medical practice brought him loads of cash – it allowed him to enjoy the good life as if it would never end.

He and Lynn made a handsome couple. In his late 40s, he had never married, and to all intents and purposes, the lack of a family did not matter to him. In fact, the thought of having to cope with squealing kids must have deterred him from ever proposing to the many women friends in his life.

Lynn wondered what endeared him to her and her to him. He loved classical music, serious movies and books, and outdoor sports. She, on the other hand, was an action movie fan. Her idea of fun was ladies’ nights, with disco dancing. Poles apart?

Perhaps, but the glue that held them together was the affection they felt for each other and the passion they shared – she with her desire to give to the man in her life and he… his gentle ability, agility to raise her to the heights of pleasure.

Still, Simon was a good catch, even if he was not the marrying kind. Lynn, after the many heartaches in her life, also did not fancy tying the knot. All she wanted was to enjoy an idyllic existence with Simon. It was a life she could get accustomed to, she felt, swimming through the dappled waters of the pool. It was a hedonistic lifestyle.

Her mother back home in Cebu would have been horrified if she knew the life that Lynn was leading, but then, the regular remittance that the old woman has been receiving made her keep her silence. Why bite the hand that fed her all these years?

Lynn felt as free as a dolphin. Ah yes, she could get used to this life of luxury and ease. And why not? She had worked hard all her life. Running a pub in Tanglin Shopping Centre, catering to the garrulous whims of old uncles, was no piece of cake. She was entitled, at the ripe old age of 42, to some creature comforts, she told herself.

She still kept the pub. No point giving up a goldmine. It was hard work, serving up the liquor, making small talk, evading the groping hands of leering, jaded men, emboldened by drink. She returned home each night, faithfully to her own bed, exhausted by all the make-believe goodwill she had doled out. But the healthy takings each night, when she checked her cash register, cheered her weary soul. It was only during the weekends – when she closed the pub – that she came alive. That was when she stayed with Simon. She looked forward especially to Sunday morning, rising for a late dimsum brunch at the Hyatt, fortified by lots of champagne, before returning to an afternoon snooze and slow sessions of lovemaking.

Was it all too good to last? Lynn wondered. Truth be told, Lynn was not getting any younger. There was no way she could turn back the clock, although many men would swear she did not look any older than 30… in the dim confines of her pub. Still, she felt flattered – in an odd way – when Simon’s father let out a low wolf whistle the first time he laid eyes on her.

He had flown over in his Bell helicopter to the island, a day after she and Simon had sailed over in the family yacht for their long weekend break.

A banker for the last four decades, the older Lien was a crusty personality. He saw no need to hide his true feelings behind a façade of false civility. He spoke his mind and his language was… err… colourful. He was certainly appreciative of Lynn’s charms. His eyes swept over her curves like a racehorse owner appraising a fine filly. He was, in fact, a racehorse owner, and he said with pride that he could always spot a winner.

“You are a sight for sore eyes, Lynn, where have you been all my life?” he asked with a loud guffaw, when Simon introduced her to him.

“You sure have a fine eye for form and style, son – like your old man,” he said, his eyes roaming all over her.

Lynn did feel a bit uncomfortable at his obvious appraisal of her. “Mr Lien, you are making me blush.”

“Nonsense, girl, there’s no need to be coy. I know a lively spirit when I see one. And please, call me Tony,” he said, adding with a loud chuckle, “I may be old enough to be your father, but there’s no need to remind me of that.”

They got on famously after that. Dinner was served – grilled lobster, steamed fish and sambal prawns, with a marvellous asparagus salad, deliciously prepared by the chef who used to work at the Mandarin before he was retired, when he reached 65. Lots of wine put father, son and Lynn in a merry mood.

“You know Lynn, I could fall for you, if I was a few years younger,” said the father. He winked at her.

“Now, now, Dad, she’s mine, all mine,” said the younger man, putting his arm protectively around Lynn. She purred. It was all in good fun. Lynn felt secure in the bosom of the Lien family.

“You know, Lynn, I can see you’re a girl who needs to look up to an older man. Sonny,” he addressed Simon, “you’re too young for her.”

At 70, Tony was still in very good shape. Regular exercise in the gym took care of his physical prowess. No health, no wealth, he liked to say. What’s the point of having millions when you cannot enjoy life to the fullest, he would tell his associates, many of whom were frail and in ill health as they entered the twilight of their lives.

Did she need an older man like Tony, a man nearly 30 years older than her? The question flitted through Lynn’s mind as she completed 10 laps of the pool. Her body glowed. She decided to do another 10 laps, her muscles all fired up. The harmonious rhythm of swimming did wonders for her body and mind.

The solitude of the pool spurred her on. Lynn reflected on how she enjoyed the company of both father and son. She was sure the old man had his eye on her. His eyes lit up each time she spoke to him. Lynn was really pleased to be an object of admiration. It was not every day that she had a powerful banker – a recent widower – eating out of her hand and a bachelor doctor as well, showering her with attention.

Life could be perfect.

Yet at the back of her mind, Lynn harboured a lingering, worrying anxiety: Was this all temporary? She hoped this idyllic existence could go on forever. But would it?

More to the point, would Simon get tired of her one day? He apparently preferred a footloose and fancy-free life. It was unlikely that he would ever tie the knot with any woman. Even Lynn, with all her natural charm and beauty, was unsure if he would ever give up the life he enjoyed as an attractive bachelor.

On the other, was the old man serious when he said he could fall for her charms? Now, that would be an interesting development. After all, at the bottom of it all, Tony Lien was not much different from the old uncles who frequented her pub. They were of the same vintage. But Tony Lien had the power that came with the job, something the uncles did not have. Not by a long shot. And he was as virile as a young man, she could tell. Were there no women in his life? There must surely be many. Lynn wondered if she could be that special one.

Anybody looking at her would never have guessed these frantic thoughts racing through her mind as she glided smoothly through the water. Twenty laps later, she climbed out and lay down on the poolside lounger. Her alabaster skin glowed, the fading rays of the setting sun transforming it into a fascinating shade of gold. She closed her eyes, breathing with a sensuous ease.

Simon was struck by this wondrous sight of sculptured loveliness as he strolled towards the pool. He knew he was fortunate to have found such happiness with her. Lynn opened her eyes and smiled. She made no attempt to reach for her wrap. She was so comfortable in his presence.

Simon handed her a glass of Sangria – red wine, fresh fruit and a bit of bubbly water. She loved the drink, even more so because he had prepared it for her himself.

Perfect, she complimented him as she sipped her Sangria. Perfect, he replied, his eyes lingering on her magnificent figure.

Lynn was a vision of physical loveliness. His eyes crinkled with pleasure at how this lovely, unabashed woman had come into his life and made him so happy. Yes, Lynn did make him very happy. She had injected an element of adventure and uncertainty into his life. As a doctor, he had always stuck to the tried-and-tested ways. Never taking too many risks, like he now did, sharing his life with this lovely, feisty creature.

“Simon, you want to go for a spot of night fishing?” Tony Lien’s booming voice hit them even before his rugged figure came into view, as he rounded the shrubbery at the poolside. The older man came to an abrupt halt at the sight that greeted his eyes.

“Oops! So sorry…” he blurted. He knew he had butted into an intimate scene and backed away in apology

“It’s OK Tony, come join us,” Lynn called out to him, as she casually reached for her robe. Tony was, for once, thrown off his stride. He was stunned by the sensuous loveliness of Lynn, in the seconds before her wrap hid all from view.

“Is the fishing good around these parts?” she asked, looking Tony squarely in the eye.

“Yes, you can get a good catch – but you have got to have patience,” he said. Lynn thought his voice cracked a little. Was he falling under her spell? Most old men did.

She felt a sense of power as she glanced over at Simon, who was toying with his drink, a slight frown marring his handsome features. Was she making a play for his father, Simon wondered. Strangely, despite his fondness for Lynn, he did not mind. In any case, what his father wanted, he usually got, Simon knew. Perhaps Lynn was the woman to bring him happiness – in the last lap of the old man’s life.

“You want to join us tonight, Lynn? I don’t like taking you away from Simon,” said Tony.

“No, fishing is a guy thing, Tony. You both go, and let me catch up on my sleep. Besides, I don’t want to steal Simon away from his dad. You will both come back safely, won’t you?” Lynn said.

Both men laughed. “I can’t stay away from you, honey, you know that,” said Simon.

His dad added with a chuckle: “And neither can I, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

Lynn smiled. She rose, aware that both men were following her every move. Lynn had that effect on men. She thought she heard the older man sigh as she pulled the wrap tighter around her.

“Take care, my darlings,” she called out to them as she walked to the house.
“I don’t want my men disappearing from my life,” she said, not adding that all too often, they did, for a variety of reasons. Little did she know that her words were a presentiment of things to come. She should have knocked on wood when she joked about men who fell out of her life.
Is tragedy about to hit Lynn again? Will something bad happen when life seems so perfect for her – with two men adoring her? Is life so cruel? Lynn’s adventures go into high gear in the next instalment of Sige Cupid next week.