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HOW TO MAKE MONEY. 600 OFWs attended the first TGFI Global Summit organised by The Global Filipino Investors last Oct 24 at Hotel Re! to hear 11 financial experts discuss wealth generation, entrepreneurship and personal finance, specifically for overseas Filipinos. In photo: The TGFI committee with featured speakers - Pesos And Sense founder Aya Laraya and COL Financial chairman Edward Lee (5th & 6th from left, respectively); GrabCar Philippines head Natasha Bautista (centre); Caylum Trading Institute president Edmund Lee, ANC On the Money host Salve Duplito, COL Financial consultant Marvin Fausto, and Asso. of Filipino Franchisers, Inc president Jerry Ilao (3rd-6th from right, respectively); and program emcee, iRemit AVP for marketing Christina Castillejo (far right).