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About Us

       PS magazine (also known as OFW Pinoy Star magazine) is the leading Filipino community magazine in Singapore. It is published each month, in the first week. PS monthly print magazine reaches 200,000 members of the community in Singapore. It has a long life span. Readers keep each issue to be read during their free time. They do not throw it away but send it home to their families in the Philippines. They are very proud to have their own magazine.

      The magazine is distributed at 500 outlets all over Singapore, from the major shopping centres to the humble neighbourhood stores. It is also available at churches and other community centres where Filipinos gather on their day off.

      PS magazine is also mailed to the homes of those who are not able to leave their homes regularly. At just $2.50 a copy, PS is a most affordable special focus, niche magazine.

It is also available online and on our Facebook page too.

      PS magazine is packed with news and features, which inform, educate and entertain the overseas Filipino worker. The articles are written so that they help inform the 13 million overseas Filipino readers of what’s happening back home in the Philippines where their loved ones are.

      PS magazine is also a mirror of what’s happening in the community in Singapore and

around the world. The articles also inform readers of new rules and regulations put out by the Singapore authorities, from the Philippine authorities, from the Philippine Embassy.

      PS magazine informs readers of what is going on in the Filipino community – social activities, sporting events, award presentations, and skills training programmes.

      PS magazine also has advice columns. Many Filipinos suffer the pain of being away from their homes and families and their partners. PS magazine provides a platform for them to share their heartache. Hotlines provide emergency help for those in distress.

      PS magazine features not only the tragedies of overseas workers but also their successes. And there are many of such stories.

      PS magazinealso entertains with stories of Filipino actors and actresses the new movies, the new TV serials. This is the type of information that appeals to Filipinos, especially those overseas and who are homesick and miss the culture and lifestyle of their home country.

      When you need a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on, message us at:

PS magazine also reaches countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Brunei, Taiwan, Australia, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Uganda, India, Italy, California, New York, Washington, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, New Zealand, Israel and of course, the Philippines.